Friday, January 13, 2012

So whats this blog about?

I am on a mission to find food from around the world that is natural, simple, preferably traditional and low-carb/LCHF/Palio. I travel a lot and have always loved spicy and exotic food. This blog will be a place for me to share low-carb recipes I have found or foods I love that I've adapted to low-carb.

I have been on and off the low carb life for about 10 years ever since reading Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution but this is not a blog about Atkins, or the low card lifestyle.

The problem I have with all those low carb cook books is that although I like the traditional European food well enough its not what I would naturally favor. I also don't personally like the way so many are trying so hard to help me eat the very food I need to give up. Personally a low carb muffin only helps me to keep eating muffins and that can only end badly.